Is the Community Arts Worker for the MECOPP Gypsy/Traveller Carers  Project. 

As well as finding out what people from the Gypsy/Traveller community are interested in creating, I am responsible for facilitating their creativity, organising arts workshops, exhibitions and residential creative events. 

I have been working with people from the Gypsy/Traveller community in Scotland for over 20 years, creating and facilitating exhibitions, producing videos and working with community members to challenge stereotypes and discrimination. 

After leaving school I studied photography at Napier University (then college) and was a freelance photographer before moving into video production. Over 20 years later I gained a Masters in Social Anthropology from The University of Edinburgh. I am passionate about, and committed to, using my creative skills to bring marginalised voices to the public and to the decision makers.


Callum OgdenStaff