Moving Minds

Moving Minds


‘Moving Minds’ was originally created as an exhibition for display during the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, a Scotland-wide festival which uses the arts to challenge perceptions about mental health and promote wellbeing. For many contributors, participation in this creative process has already had a positive impact on wellbeing.

This book contains detailed narratives from individual Gypsy/Travellers and photographs from Chattery (Our lives in ‘bits and bobs’), both parts of the ‘Moving Minds’ exhibition. For Chattery each contributor was asked to choose a special object that could be held in the hand. Chattery is a Cant word for ‘bits and bobs’ and Cant is a traditional language still used by many Gypsy/Travellers in Scotland today.

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The editors would like to thank all contributors and their families for their generosity of time and spirit without which neither the exhibition nor this book would have been possible. Thanks to the four Ls (Louise Macaulay, Linzi Fergu­son, Lizzie Sosenko and Lucy Arnot), Kevin McKay, Emma-Jane Harrington and Suzanne Munday at MECOPP. We gratefully acknowledge the funders of the MECOPP Gypsy/Traveller Carers’ Project - Scottish Government, Perth and Kinross council and NHS Lothian.

We are also grateful to Mary Stirling for her meticulous editing and to Mary Fee, Colin Clark and Lesley Riddoch for their contributions and feedback. Thanks are also due to Linda Irvine, Dimitri Tsintjilonis, Jeanne Cannizzo, Eddie Ross, Jo McFarlane and the late Richard Morran for their encouragement, support and helpful suggestions.

Lastly, but most importantly, we are indebted to all the Gypsy/Travellers who so candidly, and at times courageously, shared their memories, stories and mementos, not to mention their warmth and humour. Without them there would be no book