Self-Directed Support


What is Self-Directed Support?

Since April 2014, Self-Directed Support (SDS) has been the way that all social care is delivered in Scotland. It emphasises the importance of choice, control, and flexibility in the care you receive.

Everyone assessed as needing social care support will work with a professional to identify their needs and outcomes, be allocated an individual budget and plan how to use that budget to achieve their outcomes.  Outcomes are the things that matter to you, and the results of getting support.

MECOPP produced a short video which provides a simple introduction to Self-Directed Support, and can be viewed in English, Cantonese, Bengali, Punjabi, and Urdu. Click here to view them.

What does this mean for Minority Ethnic communities?

With its emphasis on greater choice and control, SDS allows people to access support that is tailored to their own needs.  This includes being able to access support that is better suited to your specific cultural and/or religious needs.  For those in minority ethnic communities, as with everyone throughout Scotland, SDS provides people with the freedom to live their lives in a way that they choose.

How can MECOPP help?

Our SDS & Community Brokerage Project offers advice and information to Minority Ethnic carers and supported people living in Edinburgh and the Lothians. We can support you to arrange for a social work assessment, to build a personal support plan that works for you, and to find the right services that will help you have a good life. Even if you don’t have a social care budget, we can help to identify and arrange creative, community-based solutions.

We also deliver training and awareness-raising events throughout Scotland with the aim of increasing understanding and uptake of SDS amongst Minority Ethnic community members, as well as an overall awareness of the specific difficulties that Minority Ethnic groups experience in accessing SDS. These sessions may be delivered to community members as well as professionals.

If you have any questions or would like to make a referral click below, or call 0131 467 2994.


Jill Laspa
Self-Directed Support Development Worker
Phone: 0131 467 2994

Carol Tibi Opi
Self-Directed Support Community Brokerage Worker
Phone: 0131 467 2994