SDS Stories

MECOPP teamed up with Diversity Matters to develop their Everyone Together programme for Minority Ethnic groups, thanks to funding from the Scottish Government.  Everyone Together is a two-day workshop bringing together people with disabilities, carers, local authorities, and professionals from other organisations to learn together about SDS, outcomes, and what is available in the local area. 

We ran the programme four times:

  • For the South Asian community in West Lothian;

  • For the Chinese community in Edinburgh; and

  • For Gypsy / Traveller communities in Perth and Oban.

As we have worked on SDS with these communities we have struggled to find positive stories of BME people accessing SDS.  The Everyone Together project was a chance to learn more about SDS and also to use small amounts of money to create stories to show what is possible.  Through various exercises, videos and discussions, participants identified their outcomes and what small changes would make a big difference for them.  We then worked together to agree how they wanted to spend the money and helped them to arrange what they needed to make it happen.

Below is a collection of stories showing how SDS can work for BME communities if people are given flexibility, choice and support; click on the speech bubbles to watch video stories and the links to read stories. To read a report on the Everyone Together project – what we did and what we learned click on the following text

Read the report on the Everyone Together project.

Video Stories