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3 R's Project Information Leaflet

The 3 R’s Project will assist individuals with social care support needs to realise new rights and entitlements conferred on them by the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013. 

It will also deliver a three-year capacity building programme to third sector organisations which provide support to individuals who are entitled to self-directed support. The project is jointly funded by the Baring Foundation and the Life Changes Trust. 

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A Guide to Self-Directed Support for People with Dementia

What will this guide do?

This guide will explain:

  • What self-directed support is;

  • How adults with dementia may access self-directed support and/or be assisted

  • by carers and others to do this; and

  • How self-directed support may interact with other legislation relevant to people with dementia.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is relevant to:

  • People with dementia who are eligible for social care support;

  • The carers of adults with dementia; and

  • Third sector and other health and social care professionals.

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Challenging Social Care Decisions in Scotland: A Legal Guide

The aim of this guide is to help explain when decisions made about social care can be challenged using the law; and how to go about doing it.

The need for this guide emerged from attempting to answer the simple questions: “is there a legal duty to provide social care; and is there a legal route for service users to enforce that duty?”

The basic answer is “Yes”. And legal action (or the threat of it) can be a powerful tool for individuals, their families and campaigners.

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Assistance and Capacity Factsheet

This FACTSHEET gives a summary of the expectations on local authorities to identify and offer assistance with decision making to groups of people who may require extra help with decision making on self-directed support (SDS). It also provides some details of the organisations who can give people help with communicating their decisions.

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