Briefing Sheet 12: Scotland’s Carers: An overview by disability and long-term condition


Little Scottish based research exists about the nature and extent of informal caring amongst carers who themselves have a disability or long-term condition. It is widely recognised that caring for another person can have a detrimental and lasting effect on both mental and physical health.

Data taken from Carers Scotland ‘State of Caring in Scotland 2018’ report notes that 75% of respondents had suffered mental ill-health as a result of caring and 63% had experienced poorer physical health due to their caring responsibilities. Individuals may also have a pre-existing disability or long-term condition prior to taking on a caring role. Data taken from the same source notes that 25% of the 645 respondents consider themselves as having a disability although it is unclear as to whether this pre-dates the onset of caring or was caused to a greater or lesser degree by the caring role itself.

Briefing Sheet 12.png