Jump Start Project

Jump Start is a two year project funded by Edinburgh City Council and NHS Lothian.

The Jump Start service is for Chinese people aged 40+ who want to improve their health and wellbeing. And the aim is to improve service users’ physical health and emotional wellbeing through a range of health improvement programs. The project will achieve this through:

  • Individual health improvement plans

  • Introductory health information sessions

  • Interactive educational workshops

  • Physical activity programmes

In the past one year, 17 education sessions and workshops were delivered in order to tackle some common health issues among the Chinese community. These health issues include stroke, diabetes and orthopaedic issues. Below are the education sessions and workshops the project has delivered.


Stroke Awareness Session, Blood Pressure Check, Living with Stroke, Healthy Eating Prevents Hypertension Diabetes


Diabetes Awareness Session, Diabetic Eye Disease, Eye Screening, Diabetic Foot, Healthy Eating Prevents Diabetes

Orthopaedic issues

Osteoporosis Awareness Session


Benefits From Being Physically Active Awareness Session

In addition to health related education sessions and workshops, Jump Start project also organises regular physical activities to improve the service users’ general health. The regular activities include gardening, walking group, chair based yoga course and dance class.

The project has been very popular among the Chinese community in Edinburgh. In 2016-17, 69 individuals from the community had benefited from the project. The education sessions and workshops, which can accommodate 15-20 participants each, are always fully booked. And all of the service users found that they have experienced an improvement in their healthy lifestyle and mental well being. The project is going to step into its second year in May. And we are expecting to deliver more varieties of education sessions and workshops and benefit more individuals in the community.

For more information please contact:

Yuen Man Rowbottom
Email: yuenman@mecopp.org.uk