Gypsy/Traveller Carers’ Project

Supporting Carers in the Gypsy/Traveller Community in Scotland

Why is this work needed?

In Caring Together: The Carers Strategy for Scotland 2010 – 2015, the Scottish Government identified specific communities of carers they knew little about, including Gypsy/Travellers. There is limited published information about the pattern, nature and extent of informal caring within the Gypsy/Traveller community in Scotland.

Who do we work with?

We work with carers within the Gypsy/Traveller community, anyone who has a caring responsibility for a family member or friend. We work with carers, of any age, who live in housing, on sites and on roadside camps.

What are we doing?

We use community development approaches in working with Gypsy/Travellers. Our work is multi-dimensional – including outreach work, community-led research, film-making, limited casework and training. We also work with partners from the statutory and voluntary sectors to develop their capacity to respond more appropriately to the needs of this community.

In addition to this, we currently offer two further projects within the Gypsy/Traveller Carer’s Team:

Where do we work?

We work in rural and urban areas of Scotland. We work in three localities: Edinburgh & the Lothians, Perth & Kinross and Mid and North Argyll.

What outcomes do we hope to achieve?

Our five project outcomes are:

  • Increased local and national knowledge of the pattern, nature and extent of informal caring within Gypsy/Traveller communities in Scotland.

  • Increased capacity of partners to respond more appropriately to the needs of informal carers from the Gypsy/Traveller community

  • Increased knowledge of, and confidence in, carer support services amongst Gypsy/Travellers

  • Quantifiable improvements in the physical,

  • emotional and financial health of individual Gypsy/Traveller carers

  • Increased knowledge about the mental health and wellbeing of Gypsy/Traveller carers in Edinburgh & the Lothians. 


Contact details of local staff:

Suzanne Munday

Project Manager (Edinburgh based)
Telephone: 07857 652 413

Donna Lawrie  
Development Worker
Edinburgh & the Lothians
Telephone: 07527 611 974

Siubhan O'Rourke 
Development Worker
Mid Argyll and North Argyll
Telephone: 07553 115 457

Lucy Arnot
Development Worker
Perth & Kinross
Telephone: 07906 365 883

Peter Ross
Community Arts Worker
Telephone: 07852 303 925

Dominique Barr
Women’s Voices Project Worker
Telephone: 07852 303 941


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