Gypsy/Traveller Awareness Raising Sessions


The aims of our seminars are: 

  • To increase understanding of the situation of Gypsy/Travellers carers in Scotland.

  • To highlight the discrimination often faced by Gypsy/Travellers.

  • To increase knowledge of the legislative and policy framework in Scotland.

Who should attend these training sessions?

We anticipate that the seminar will be of relevance to all health and social care staff who are interested in looking at their policies and practices with regard to minority groups, such as Gypsy/Travellers, and especially those who work with carers.

The seminar will be led by Gypsy/Travellers, some of whom are carers themselves, and will include:

  • Opportunities to share good practice and/or difficulties encountered.

  • Opportunities to hear from Gypsy/Traveller carers.

  • An examination of case studies which focus on the issues faced by informal carers within the Gypsy/Traveller community.


Comments from previous participants:

"I can commend this training - very thought-provoking." (John Finnie, MSP)

“A real eye-opener and very informative” (Public Health Nurse)

“This morning highlighted the need to develop networks between Health, Social Work, and local Traveller communities” (Social Worker)

“I was nervous at first but then realised I was learning too, not just the audience. Everyone was really friendly” (Gypsy/Traveller trainer)

“This training should be more widely available, not least to help identify, and address, the barriers” (Community Care Assistant)

 "Just back from the awareness session and have to say it was great. It  should be mandatory"                                             
For more information on this these awareness raising sessions please contact MECOPP

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