Edinburgh Library Passport

MECOPP is a member of the Edinburgh Libraries Passport scheme. The Edinburgh Libraries Passport is a card which tells the library you are visiting that you are a genuine information seeker and that your special requirements cannot be dealt with by your own library.

More than 20 library services in Edinburgh are linking up to give you access to a vast range of information and resources.

1. Which libraries can I use?

Libraries participating in the Edinburgh Libraries Passport scheme include:

Public libraries

Edinburgh City Libraries & Information Services

University and college libraries

  • Edinburgh College of Art Library

  • Edinburgh University Library Main Sites Edinburgh’s Telford College

  • Heriot Watt University Library

  • Napier University Learning Information Services Queen Margaret University Library

  • Stevenson College Edinburgh

  • The Agriculture Library, Scottish Agricultural College, Edinburgh

  • The Open University in Scotland

National collections

National Library of Scotland

Special libraries

  • National Museums Scotland Library

  • French Institute Library Service

  • Minority Ethnic Carers of People Project (MECOPP)

  • Royal Botanic Garden Library

  • Royal Observatory Library

  • Scottish Accountancy Trust for Education & Research (SATER)

  • Scottish Catholic Archives

  • Scottish Poetry Library

  • The College Library, Royal College of Surgeons

For the most recent listing, please check the Edinburgh Libraries Guide on this website, at www.edinburghlibrariesagency.info

2. How do I get an Edinburgh Library Passport?

Anyone who is a member of a library participating in the Passport scheme can apply for the Passport. There are three easy steps to the open doors of the participating libraries:

STEP 1: discuss your learning, information or knowledge needs with your Librarian. The Librarian will then be able to advise you whether an Edinburgh Libraries Passport will help meet your needs.

STEP 2: complete the Passport Application Form.

STEP 3: use your passport to find the information you want!

However, in a few instances, the Passport may not take precedence over existing access arrangements between individual participating libraries (eg: arrangements for undergraduate access to the National Library).

3. How do I use the Edinburgh Library Passport?

When you arrive, introduce yourself to staff, present your passport and let them know you wish to use the service as part of the Passport scheme.

It is a good idea to check access, the availability of resources and opening hours before you visit. Have a look at the Edinburgh Libraries Guide on this website www.edinburghlibrariesagency.info for more information about the participating services, such as, opening hours and disabled access information.

Please note that any existing arrangements between libraries may take precedence over the Passport.

The Edinburgh Library Passport is a voluntary scheme for all the participating libraries and we hope that all passport holders will help make the scheme a success by respecting their rules and regulations when you visit.

Your passport is valid for one year, and can only be used by you.

4. What can I do when I visit a library with my Edinburgh Libraries Passport?

The Edinburgh Libraries Passport will allow you to use the catalogues, consult books and journals, access special collections, ask staff for advice, refer to some electronic resources. The passport alone will not give you borrowing rights, nor will it allow you access to electronic resources that require passwords. If you are unsure of what you are able to use, please ask a member of library staff and they will be happy to help you.