Community Arts Project

Gypsy/Traveller Carers’ Team Community Art Projects

Based on its strong track record of arts work with the Gypsy/Traveller communities it works with, MECOPP received a grant from The Tudor Trust to develop a two year programme of community arts opportunities and events. The programme has been developed from consultation with the community and previous successful projects.

The Barrie News

The Barrie News is a tabloid newspaper that publishes positive news stories from the community to rebalance the all too regular discriminatory and stigmatising media coverage Gypsy/Travellers suffer. The current issue is the first of three to be published under the grant.

Moving Minds

The Moving Minds Exhibition, which has been widely exhibited, has been created over a number of years and consists of Storyboards, each of which is a portrait of an individual community member with a text about their life in their own words. To complement these is Chattery, a collection of photographs, with captions, of objects that are significant to each individual. This is an on-going project and new work will be created to build on its success and more exhibitions held.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

MECOPP continues to be committed to participating in the annual Out of Sight, Out of Mind exhibition that has been held at the prestigious Summerhall gallery in Edinburgh. In previous years it has shown its Moving Minds Exhibition, created an installation around a traditional Gypsy/Traveller tent and has exhibited paintings, photography and collages by artists from the community.

Sharing Stories

Gypsy/Travellers have a long and strong tradition of storytelling. Inspired by this tradition, Sharing Stories is a project that will capture individual’s stories, poems and thoughts with the aim of publishing a book in 2020.

Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre is a type of community drama that comes from the ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ developed by Augusto Boal. The plays are devised and performed by the community and are often related to areas of social justice. Their aim is to explore solutions to the injustices featured in the performance by inviting audiences to intervene in the unfolding events and bring them to a more positive conclusion. This work is being done in partnership with the University of Dundee whose nursing and social work students will make up the audience.

Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month

For Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month in June a programme of exhibitions and events is being planned for Edinburgh, Perth and Argyll. The programme is being developed to complement Article 12 in Scotland’s GRT History Month plans.

Contact Information

Peter Ross
Community Arts Worker
Telephone: 07852 303925