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Is the Self Directed Support Community Broker

I joined MECOPP in October 2018 in the role of SDS Community Brokerage for the South Asian Community, after an amazing year of travel in Europe and Asia. 
I am originally from Kathmandu, Nepal and moved to Edinburgh, Scotland in 2012 with my wife who I met in Nepal. Since moving to Edinburgh, I have always worked in care sector, in the community supporting people with learning and physical disabilities. Here I have realised my passion for caring for others. Growing up in Nepal, where disability rights and services are non-existent, I feel I have a greater appreciation for what people have available in the UK. However, there is evidence of challenges faced by the Black and Minority Ethnic Communities to acquire the social services. This then inspires my passion for developing my knowledge and skills in this field so that I can promote the best outcomes for the supported people in the BME community. 

In my spare time, I like to do wall art, spray painting and projection art. I love adventure sports particularly sky diving, bungee jump and white water rafting.  


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Callum OgdenFormer Staff