Is the Chinese Dementia Support Worker of the ‘Chi Sin, Chi Mei’ Project and the Development Worker of the Cancer Screening Project

After leaving for over a year, I am back to MECOPP’s big family. I have been doing project development work for charity organisations in Scotland for more than eight years and I first joined MECOPP in 2013. Trained as a fine artist and a museum professional in the UK, I also work freelance as an artist, community curator and art educator along with my project development work. I am originally from Hong Kong and therefore a native Cantonese speaker. Prior to my experience in the UK, I had worked as a news reporter and a qualified school teacher when I was in Hong Kong.

My academic background is very diverse as I take an interest in a lot of different things in the world. When I am not working, I enjoy cooking, eating, gardening, painting, reading, swimming, taking photographs, travelling, visiting museums and doing yoga.


Callum OgdenStaff