Supporting Ethnic Minority Carers

“By working in partnership with carers, the voluntary and statutory sectors, MECOPP actively seeks to challenge and dismantle barriers that deny Black and Minority Ethnic carers access to health, social work and other social care services in Edinburgh, the Lothians and further afield.”

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How can we help

One of MECOPP’s key roles is to act on behalf of its service users in securing access to a variety of supports and services to undertake or sustain a caring role.

This service is available to Black and Minority Ethnic carers:

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who is a carer

Carers support a family member, spouse, partner, relative or friend of any age who needs help and support to manage a range of daily living tasks.This may be due to a long-term condition, physical or learning disability, mental health problems, frailty associated with older age or an addiction.  

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MECOPP produce a variety of information sheets and printed resources aimed at carers, professionals and cared for individuals around Scotland.

Click below to access the MECOPP library of online resources.

Our Supporters & Funders

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